Hello, I'm Nate. I live in Brooklyn, NY. 

I am a Creative Director at Day One Agency making visual goodness for American Express, YouTube, Comcast & Under Armour. In 2014, I co-founded and launched Proper Assembly with one of my best friends. I also am co-founder of Hampton + Bakerlaunching Spring 2016

I can be found, regularly, with a camera in my hand.

Tests keep telling me I'm an ISTP but I think I'm an INTJ.

Full Client List: YouTube, American Express, Under Armour, Hotel Tonight, HBO, AMC, Starbucks, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, Sweet Green, Seattle's Best Coffee, Target, Weight Watchers, Warby Parker, SquareSpace, Club Monaco, Grouper, Ernest Alexander, Hook & Albert, ONA Bags, Oliberte